How to use Beescape Tools

Beescape provides GIS (Geographic Information System) tools for beekeepers, gardeners, growers and land managers to assess the quality of their landscapes for supporting managed honey bees and other pollinators. 

Learn how to use the Beescape map tool by watching the Quick Start video below.

More videos are coming soon. Thank you for your patience!


Beescape Map Tool - Video Tutorial

This video covers:

  1. how to use the Beescape Map Tool,
  2. resources

Beescape Map Quickstart Video

This video explains

  1. how to use the Beescape Map Tool,
  2. how to create a Beescape account, and
  3. how to contribute data to the Beescape Survey if you are beekeeper.

You do not have to be a beekeeper in order to use the Beescape Map Tool or set up an account.

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Beescape GIS Tools

  • Use the Beescape Map Tool to view pollinator habitat scores
  • Use the BeeWinterWise Colony Survival Tool to predict hive survival


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