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Douglas, Margaret R, Douglas B Sponsler, Eric V Lonsdorf, and Christina M Grozinger. 2020. “County-Level Analysis Reveals a Rapidly Shifting Landscape of Insecticide Hazard to Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera) on US Farmland.Scientific Reports 10(1): 797.

Grozinger, Christina M, and Amro Zayed. 2020. “Improving Bee Health through Genomics.Nature Reviews Genetics 21(5): 277–91.

McNeil, Darin J et al. 2020. “Bumble Bees in Landscapes with Abundant Floral Resources Have Lower Pathogen Loads.” Scientific Reports 10(1): 22306.

Sponsler, Douglas B, Don Shump, Rodney T Richardson, and Christina M Grozinger. 2020. “Characterizing the Floral Resources of a North American Metropolis Using a Honey Bee Foraging Assay.Ecosphere 11(4): e03102.

Calovi, Martina, Christina M Grozinger, Douglas A Miller, and Sarah C Goslee. 2021. “Summer Weather Conditions Influence Winter Survival of Honey Bees (Apis Mellifera) in the Northeastern United States.” Scientific Reports 11(1): 1553.

Jordan, Alex, Harland M Patch, Christina M Grozinger, and Vikas Khanna. 2021. “Economic Dependence and Vulnerability of United States Agricultural Sector on Insect-Mediated Pollination Service.” Environmental Science & Technology 55(4): 2243–53.

Kammerer, Melanie et al. 2021. “Wild Bees as Winners and Losers: Relative Impacts of Landscape Composition, Quality, and Climate.” Global Change Biology 27(6): 1250–65.

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