Beescape 'Frequently Asked Questions' (FAQs)

Q: I just signed up but I can't log in, what do I do?

A: Try checking the email account that you used to sign up, your account will be activated by clicking on the link in the email.  Make sure to check your spam folder in case it was placed there by mistake.


Q: The map is not showing detailed information for my area, is something wrong with the program?

A: The full map function is only available in a limited number of states (PA, IN, and IL) we are currently working on adding additional states.


Q: How will my privacy be protected while participating with this program?

A: We take privacy very seriously. To this end, we will never make the location of your apiary or your personal information public. The information and beekeeping methods will be used to help understand bee health based on forage radius and management practices. With this in mind, your apiary GPS locations and management practices give us valuable information to understand the forage area of particular locations which helps us improve the mapping tool, helping beekeepers make better decisions about their beekeeping.


Q: Why do you need the GPS data for my hives? I am hesitant to share such sensitive information.

A: This is understandable! We recognize the sensitivity of your GPS locations and promise to maintain your anonymity to protect you and your hives. With this in mind, including your GPS coordinates allows us to conduct far more interesting analyses than without them - in particular, your GPS coordinates tie your hives to a real-world location and thus allows us to consider how your landscape (i.e., beescape) affects your bees. This information helps you understand how to best manager YOUR bees, helps other beekeepers understand broad landscape patterns and helps us create useful products for all beekeepers (you included!).


Q: Can I participate if the mapping information is not available for my state?

A: Yes, please contribute! The information you submit is valuable in understanding bee health based on location and practice. It will become more useful yet as we "officially" add your state to our study!


Q: What do I do if I make a mistake entering my survey?

A: Contact us at Beescape ( with detailed information about the error - we will attempt to fix the error for you!


Q: What information does BeeScape need from me?

A: Beescape asks for general data on you (as a beekeeper), your apiary management (e.g., varroa treatment, etc.), and summary data for individual hives (e.g., survival). PDFs of the data input windows can be viewed here before you input data into BeeScape. Some beekeepers prefer to print these PDFs and write directly on them prior to BeeScape data submission.


Q: How do I install a BroodMinder scale and provide Penn State with the data?

A: We created a handy guide to assist you with that! Click here to download the guide.


Q: I prefer to write my hive inspection data before submitting it to Beescape. Can I print the datasheet prior to checking my colonies?

A: Yes! Please click this link to download a printable version of the monthly inspection sheet.