Beescape Development Team was created by a team of researchers with pollinator, statistical and computational expertise. Beescape's Tools combine ecological, meteorological and GIS (Geographic Information System) data from several sources. However, the landscape, the weather and bees themselves are not static, and Beescape tools are evolving as more data becomes available! The strength and accuracy of these tools are improved through data contributions and suggestions from users like you.

Help us build better Beescape Tools for everyone! If you're a beekeeper, take the Beescape Survey to contribute data to the project. Your information will never be made public and will be used to improve the strength and accuracy of Beescape's Tools. If you have a suggestion to improve the site, please contact us!

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  • Use the Beescape Map Tool to view pollinator habitat scores
  • Use the BeeWinterWise Colony Survival Tool to predict hive survival


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